Physics 210: Maple

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Last updated October 6, 2009

Lectures 1 and 2 (Sep 23 & 29)
  • Important: On hyper, the default maple/xmaple programs are 64-bit versions.  I recommend that you use the 32-bit versions which are invoked using the commands maple32 and xmaple32, respectively.  In addition, I recommend that you invoke xmaple32 using the -cw option (for "classic worksheet" style), so that xmaple does not run under Java.  Performance will be significantly enhanced using -cw, and it is the mode that I will be using in illustrating example worksheets in class and in the labs.  It will also be the mode that we will request you use for the Maple homework.

    Note that if you have the 210 standard ~/.aliases file installed, and activated (i.e. it is sourced in your ~/.bashrc), then the following aliases are defined
    alias maple='maple32'
    alias xmaple='xmaple32 -cw'
    so that you can start the 32 bit versions, with the -cw flag in the case of xmaple, simply by entering
    % maple
    % xmaple2 
  • IMPORTANT! When working with xmaple (the GUI version of maple):
    1. Ensure that the Num Lock key is ON. Otherwise certain control keys such as Ctrl-j, Ctrl-k etc. will not work as advertised in the GUI. (Num lock is typically usually located in the upper left hand corner of the keypad portion of a keyboard.)
    2. Save (Ctrl-s) your worksheet frequently to guard against software/hardware crashes. (This comment clearly applies to the use of any editing/composition software.)
    3. At times, especially if you are annotating a worksheet (i.e. adding comments, headings etc.) the cursor may disappear.  I have found that if you depress and hold down the up- and down-arrow keys alternately, it tends to restore the cursor in a few seconds.  (An annoying "feature", to be sure!)
  • Getting your own copy of Maple: Ron Parachoniak and Tom Azana (Hennings 203) have Maple 12 CDs that you can borrow to install maple/xmaple on your own machine (Windows, Linux or Mac). Be prepared to leave something of value (driver's license, credit card, cash etc.) as collateral to ensure prompt return of the CD.
  • Maple 12 window at initial startup, using the "classic worksheet" style (i.e. with xmaple invoked using xmaple -cw. A indefinite integral example. Sample invocation of maple from the command-line including the evaluation of the same indefinite integral.
  • Worksheet [PDF 16 pages] showing calculations in Chapter 2 [PDF 38 pages] of Maple 9 Learning Guide [PDF 332 pages]
Lecture 3 (Oct 1)
  • Worksheet [PDF 4 pages] illustrating usage of some particularly useful Maple commands: basic calculus, linear algebra.
  • Introduction to Maple Programming Overview [PDF 10 pages]
Lecture 4 (Oct 6)
  • Worksheet [PDF 7 pages] illustrating
    1. Definition and usage of example Maple procedure, ladd, that operates on two lists
    2. Maple's built in tracing (debugging) facility
    3. Use of the op command to display the definition of a procedure
    4. Some uses of the interface command
    5. A sample usage of the sprintf command
  • Worksheet [plots.mws and PDF 5 pages] illustrating usage examples of Maple's plot command (for "2D" or "x vs y" plots)

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