Hugo Villegas

        Department of Physics & Astronomy
        University of British Columbia
        6224 Agricultural Road
        Vancouver BC, V6T 1Z1 Canada
        Office:     Hennings 408
        Phone:     822 3872


I am currently in Limbo :-) Topics of interest include:


  • Relativity Group page

  • Ever wondered about pi ?
  • Into the Labyrinth.
  • Some music I like...
  •      ...some writers...
  •             ...and some painters too.
  • Interested in travelling to Mexico ?
  • A Mexican newspaper  (in Spanish)
  • The Noam Chomsky Archive and another page with material by/about Prof. Chomsky
  • ZNet e-zine: notes on mass media, globalization, war, activism....
  • Essays by J. Petras on more social issues
  • Online version of Monthly Review and web page, with essays and analysis of current social and political topics
  • Postmodernism and other "-isms" of our times
  • Have an asignement on Cultural Theory ? Try the Postmodern Generator (and you may also want to check A. Sokal page)
  • L. Wittgenstein resources on line



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