John Dunn

Undergraduate Student, from the University of Waterloo
I am currently working with Dr. Choptuik's Numerical Relativity Group at UBC.

Office: 408 Hennings (West Penthouse)
Office Phone: 604-822-2095
Cell Phone: 778-558-7604
Email: jdunn (at) physics (dot) ubc (dot) ca

Grid Computing Links


GridCafe @ CERN
IEEE Issue on Grid Computing

Current Activity

Learning Fortran and Unix
Check! I'm pretty much an expert.
Now moving on to Numerical Analysis.
Now it's time to work on some quantum - 1 or 2-D Schrodinger action anyone? I will be using xvs a little bit.
Concurrently installing Globus toolkit on bh3 and bh8.
One dimensional time-dependant Schrodinger equation, in an infinite square well.
Schro.mpg Recently updated with more watchable, interesting version.
And the .sdf file for use in xvs. Also for your enjoyment, the output from cvtestsdf.
That ones pretty and all, but this one's accurate. Order h^2 test done via xvs, and a GNU plot of the output from cvtestsdf.
Also of interest, the .sdf files: Fine, Mediumn, and Coarse.
And a couple .ps of the residual check! This was done at 2^6, so O(h^2) is ~ 2.4*10e-3.
Enough 1-D!! Here's a first look at the 2-D solution!! w00t!
A short, boring video of a sinusoid in action. How sweet it is.
Ah ha! Evidence of my awesome. Behold: The Single-Slit experiment, The Double-Slit experiment, A Diffraction grating, Another view of the diffraction grating (Not as good), JPEG of convergance for the sinusoidal eigenstate, JPEG of convergance for a gaussian.