Hanna Ruotsalainen

Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of British Columbia
6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver BC,   V6T 1Z1,   Canada
Office :     Hennings 414
Main Office: (604) 822-3853
Fax: (604) 822-5324
Email: hkr@laplace.physics.ubc.ca

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Bicycle Commuting

My Home Page

I actually study at SFU

Current results for process times on the cluster

The perl code for the above summary

If you're curious what the cluster is, check it out at the linux cluster homepage

One version of my star code
Another, probably more correct version of the star code
For both codes I used input of
rho = 1.0d0, C = 1.0d0, lambda = 1.4d0, dr = 1.0d-4 and tol = 1.0d-12.
As output from the first code I got
R = 0.4184 and M = 0.158731
As output from the second code I got
R = 9.5915 and M = 0.47658

The "hand-coded" solution to the 1d advection equation

My coop work term report: ps latex
The "co-op summary" section is a requirement of the co-op department.
You can check the co-op work term page for an explanation of what is required.

The proposal for my undergraduate thesis: Phys 432