Daoyan Wang






I am a PhD Candidate at Department of Physics & Astronomy of The University of British Columbia. My supervisor is Prof. Matt Choptuik in Numerical Relativity Group.

The goal of my research is to better understand the dynamics in General Relativity and other gravity theories. Because of the complexity of Einstein equations, it is not very practical to solve Einstein equation analytically. Therefore we adopt a numerical approach.

Technically, I solve PDEs arising from Einstein equations, and other gravity equations. The main challenges, among others, are long term evolution, constraints preservation, and gauge fixing and implementation. Recasting Einstein equations in a proper way is one of the keys to successful simulation.

The main topics of my research include regularity problem in numerical relativity, generalized harmonic formalism and BSSN formalism development, and in particular, simulation of black hole formation resulting from gravitational collapse in Randall-Sundrum braneworld. For braneworld simulation where delta-functions are involved, the challenges are much more severe than that in ordinary spacetime, and it is more subtle to get these resolved. Please refer to research page for more info.

Other topics include critical phenomena, gravitational wave collapse, f(R) gravity.

My PhD thesis download (available soon).

Last modified on April 27, 2010.