Ben's tutorial website: Physics 102 Spring 2007

  • " Nuclear Wall Chart (JPG File)

  • " Gauss Law and Applications (from Hyperphysics)

  • Videos:
    1. " ITER Starmakers (very good description of a future nuclear fusion reactor)
    2. " Nuclear Fusion Documentary from Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany (includes tokamaks)
    3. " A lab representation of nuclear fission
    4. " Nuclear Fusion Intro
    5. " Nuclear Fission Animation:
    6. " Nuclear Fission Animation:
    7. " Basic Fission and Fusion:
    8. " Radioactivity Lecture from Berkeley
    Tutorial Problems and Solutions
    I sketch the solution of the problems you found more difficult during the tutorial, this means sometimes i leave the numeric calculation to you, i think it is better that I help you setting up the problem and you just fill out the equations with the numbers and the correct units.
    1. Weeks 4-5: " Radioactivity and Electric Fields  [Selected Problem Sheet], [Solutions (PDF)]

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