High Performance Computing 

This is a brief overview of the supercomputing infraestructure available for our research
The Scinet General Purpose Cluster (IBM iDataPlex) (Courtesy of IBM)

vnp4 P4-Xeon Cluster Snapshots
vnp4 P4-Xeon Cluster Homepage
Western Canada Research Grid (Westgrid)
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Main platforms for my research
Name Institution Summary
Orcinus Westgrid (University of British Columbia) Orcinus is an HP blade-based cluster with 3072 cores.
Westgrid (University of Manitoba)

Grex is a SGI Altix XE 1300 cluster with 3792 cores. It is intended for parallel applications that can take advantage of either the non-blocking low latency Infiniband network or the large memory per compute node. (Ranked 44 on the Green500 List, 315 on the Top500)

Woodhen University of Princeton 768-processor beowulf cluster that can support applications requiring up to 2GB of memory per processor.
Scinet General Purpose Cluster
SciNet Consortium
(University of Toronto)

306 TFlops peak; 30,240 cores of Intel Xeon E5540 aka "Nehalem" (2.53GHz); 2 GB RAM/core; 3,780 nodes (IBM iDataPlex DX360M2); hybrid GigE and InfiniBand interconnect; #16 on June 2009 TOP500 list.

Other available systems
Name Institution Summary
bugaboo Westgrid (Simon Fraser University) 1280 cores, Xeon, 2 GB
snowpatch Westgrid (Simon Fraser University) 256 cores, Xeon, 2 GB
gridstone Westgrid (Simon Fraser University) storage, 100 TB disk, 600 TB tape, AIX
silo Westgrid (University of Saskatchewan) storage, 600 TB disk, 760 TB tape
cortex Westgrid (University of Alberta) shared memory, 2x64 cores, PowerPC
nexus Westgrid (University of Alberta) shared memory, 240 core, SGI
checkers Westgrid (University of Alberta) 1280 cores, Xeon, 2 GB, IB
glacier Westgrid (University of British Columbia) 1680 cores, Xeon, 1-2 GB, gigE
Hermes and Nestor
Westgrid (Research Computing Facility at the University of Victoria) Hermes is a capacity cluster geared towards serial jobs.  The Hermes cluster consists of 84 nodes (672 cores).  Nestor is a capability cluster consisting of 288 nodes (2304 cores) geared towards large parallel jobs.  . Both hermes.westgrid.ca and nestor.westgrid.ca are aliases for a common pool of head nodes named litaiNN.westgrid.ca.  The choice of destination hostname when connecting to this facility has no bearing on what kind of jobs may be run: one may log in to hermes.westgrid.ca and submit a parallel job to the Nestor cluster.Each node in the Nestor and Hermes clusters is an IBM iDataplex server with eight 2.67-GHz Xeon x5550 cores with 24 GB of RAM.
Colossus CLUMEQ is a research consortium for high performance computing (HPC). It is composed of McGill University, Université Laval, and the Université du Québec.
Cluster of  960 nodes, each with 8 processor cores (7680 cores total) and 24 gigabytes of RAM (23 TB total), with a full bisection Infiniband QDR network and a Lustre parallel file system of capcity up to 1 PB (currently 500 TB).

heterogeneous cluster of 48 nodes, each with either 4 or 8 processor cores (300 cores total) and 8 or 16 GB of RAM, with both a dual 1 GbE and Infiniband SDR network.
Scinet Tightly Coupled System (TCS) SciNet Consortium
University of Toronto

60 TFlops peak; 3,328 cores of IBM Power 6 (4.7 GHz); 4 GB RAM/core; 104 nodes (IBM P6-575); 4X DDR InfiniBand interconnect; #53 on Nov 2008 TOP500 list