Migration of the CVS repository from vnfe4 to bh1

Please report all errors/typos. etc to Matt Choptuik at choptuik@physics.ubc.ca

Last updated May 24, 2012

The situation

What you need to do

1) Change the setting of CVSROOT



As usual, these commands are best placed in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.tcshrc (~/.cshrc)

2) Modify the contents of all CVS/Root files in a checked out directory

Assuming that the working directory is one that was previously checked out from cvs@vnfe4.physics.ubc.ca, execute the following command
find . -name Root -exec perl -p -i -e 's/vnfe4/bh1/g' {} \;
This will modify all of the Root files rooted in the working directory so that subsequent cvs update, commit etc. commands will use the new version of the repository.

Note that if you choose to check out a fresh version of the directory after having set the CVSROOT variable to its new value (i.e. option 2), you do NOT have to execute this command

Again, if your directory contains uncommitted changes as of May 24, you should use this option.

3) Access to the repository

All users who previously had password-less access to cvs@vnfe4.physics.ubc.ca should now have the same access to cvs@bh1.physics.ubc.ca.  Concact Matt if this not the case.

Let Matt know if you have questions about this, or should you encounter problems using cvs@bh1.physics.ubc.ca, and particularly if you find errors in the above discussion!