DV Tutorial

The following is meant to serve as introductory documentation, by way of a tutorial, to the Data Vault (DV) repository and visualization tool. The DV was designed to aid in the development of numerical codes that solve partial differential equations via grid-based methods, in particular those utilizing adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and/or running in a parallel environment.

1. Starting the DV

2. Sending data using "sdftodv"

3. The concept of a register

    3.1 Browsing the contents of registers

    3.2 Visualizing 2D registers

    3.3 Manipulating the contents of registers

        3.31 Deleting items

        3.32 Merging registers

        3.33 Differentiation

        3.34 Other functions

    3.4 Saving/Loading registers to/from disk

    3.5 Visualizing 1D data

    3.6 Visualizing 3D data

4.  Reference: overview of all windows in the DV

    4.1 Main window (under construction)
    4.2 DIfferentiate (see 3.33)
    4.3 Functions (see 3.34)
    4.4 Send-to-local view options
    4.5 2D local view window (under construction, see 3.2 for now)
    4.6 3D slicer (under construction, see 3.6 for now)
    4.7 Data Browser (under construction, see 3.1 for now)
    4.8 Screen Capture (under construction)
    4.9 Annotation (on screen text, colors, etc...) (under construction)
    4.10 Miscellaneous (under construction)

Last updated: Jul 28 2003